To create the perfect gameroom or find the correct seating for your kitchen, it helps to know the different sizes and dimensions to plan ahead. To assist in your planning, we have created these charts of ideal sizing. If you are not sure what you need, please don't hesitate to contact our professional staff to help make sure you get the best fit...the first time.
We recomend 22" to 25" for most armless Kitchen and Bar Stools. Some of the larger armed Bar Stools will require up to 30" spacing. Still not sure? Let us help you!
Try the new software that's as easy as POINT & CLICK. Simply enter the dimensions of your room and paste the products (like pool tables, shuffleboard, bars, barstools) you would like for the space and see them to scale!
Not the best at drawing or imagining your space?
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The 8' pool table is standard for in-home use and the 58" cue is considered the standard legth.
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